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Working code for ftp is as follows

HOST='host ip address'
ftp -n $HOST <<END
quote USER $USER
put $FILE
exit 0

This is a working ftp code for file transfer. What modification have to be done in this code to make it a Working SFTP code?

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SFTP as in secure ftp or as in simple ftp? – Joachim Pileborg Jul 13 '12 at 6:34

If you are mentioning SFTP [Secure FTP]. then you would require to generate the sftp keys (or the ssh keys) and exchange with the remote target server. They needs to be placed in the .ssh folder on remote machine. This would ensure password-less connectivity between the 2 hosts.

Then just issue the command

$ sftp remoteUser@host

You would get logged into the remote machine. You need to amend the code accordingly as you won't need the password now.

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