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How can I "put" a command line parameter to be executed from pom.xml. For example I have:

mvn clean install -Dmyparameter

And I wish It to be executed from pom.xml instead from command line.

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maven.40175.n5.nabble.com/… –  amit Jul 13 '12 at 6:42
which IDE you are using ? –  amit Jul 13 '12 at 6:44
Do you want to define properties in your pom? –  Raghuram Jul 13 '12 at 7:42

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It depends on which phase you need to use the args. It can be done on plugins by changing the configuration parameter.

            <arguments>-Dmaven.test.skip=true -D[other arguments that u need to include]</arguments>
</plugin> </pluginManagement>

Same way in the sure fire plugin u can skip test and so on!!

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You can try to use maven-exec-plugin:

mvn clean install exec:exec -Dexecutable=<absolute path to binary>

Also it can be bound to some phase of lifecycle to be executed in the middle of the build (without explicit call by exec:exec) and defined in profile with activation if property exists to run optionally:

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