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I want to test my music genre algorithm in the public dataset to compare with other preexisted algorithms. In case of MIREX, all the data are not available. I found that GTZAN dataset are available in a link(marsyas.­info/­download/­data_sets) But, it is not available to me now.

Do you know how can I get this data? Because I use other feature than MFCC, so I need genre annotation as well as music.

Thanks in advance.

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EDIT: now, it seems, that Marsyas page is hosted at and you can find links to GTZAN database in data sets subpage.

I was also looking for GTZAN dataset for my university project and I found out that is down, so I used google web cache for (check it for more info). Luckily, GTZAN data sets are hosted at and you can download them!

But be aware of licensing before using datasets (info from cached marsyas download page):

This dataset was used for the well known paper in genre classification " Musical genre classification of audio signals " by G. Tzanetakis and P. Cook in IEEE Transactions on Audio and Speech Processing 2002.

Unfortunately the database was collected gradually and very early on in my research so I have no titles (and obviously no copyright permission etc). The files were collected in 2000-2001 from a variety of sources including personal CDs, radio, microphone recordings, in order to represent a variety of recording conditions. Nevetheless I have been providing it to researchers upon request mainly for comparison purposes etc. Please contact George Tzanetakis ( if you intend to publish experimental results using this dataset.

The dataset consists of 1000 audio tracks each 30 seconds long. It contains 10 genres, each represented by 100 tracks. The tracks are all 22050Hz Mono 16-bit audio files in .wav format.

Maybe you will be also interested in other datasets such as Magnatagatune -

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I'm also looking for such benchmark.
I find this at a paper called "From Sound to ‘Sense’ via Feature Extraction and Machine Learning - Deriving High-Level Descriptors for Characterizing Music":

There are some efforts currently being undertaken in the Music Information Retrieval community to compile large repositories of labeled music that can be made available to all interested researchers without copyright problems. Noteworthy examples of this are Masa- taka Goto’s RWC Music Database (, the IMIRSEL (International Music Information Retrieval System Evaluation Laboratory) project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ( — see also [12]), and the new FreeSound Initiative (

but I couldn't find anything useful from them. The procedure of getting a copy of the first mentioned database is describe here but it seems pretty sophisticated!

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It sounds like you might want the Million Songs Dataset, which has, well, a million songs, with audio features, tags, lyrics and so on, releast by Echonest and Labrosa. Of course, this is presuming that you are working from music metadata and transcriptions.

If you are looking for the raw audio... that's another matter. I don't know if you wish to publish, in which case intellectual property law might be a more significant factor. But for private testing, I suspect that you could just use files from your own music library (e.g. iTunes downloads already have a genre tag to test your algorithm against).

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Take my legal advice at your own risk.

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I don't think the MSD has lyrics. – pratnala Apr 20 at 2:48

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