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Retrieve an NSMutableArray which is in a method from another method of same class

I am new to iphone i have a small doubt that is I have an NSMutableArray which is in the class DownloadManager.m like below

- (void) queueDownload: (Download*) download
    [bookTitlesWhichAreInDownloadQueue addObject:download.title_];
    NSLog(@"bookTitlesWhichAreInDownloadQueue is %@",bookTitlesWhichAreInDownloadQueue);

In the above method bookTitlesWhichAreInDownloadQueue is an NSMutableArray

I want to access this array in the method which is in another class(BiblePlayerViewController.m) that is the below method

-(void)showingAlertViewWhenBookIsNotDownloaded {
 NSLog(@"bookNamesWhichAreInDownloadedQueue1 is %d",[bookNamesWhichAreInDownloadedQueue count]);

how it is possible if any body know this please help me...

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Add property of NSMutableArray in .h class like this

@property(nonatomic,retain)NSMutableArray *yourarray;

and synthesize the array in .m class

@synthesize yourarray;

this set the getter and setter.

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