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I have two UILabels, both will have the dynamic text but interrelated. for example:

label2.text=@"Meaning of Abc is ......";

Now label2 will always have label1.text plus some extra text.

I want to make this part in label2 to be in Bold.

So far I found that it could be done by drawing the text in drawRect but that seems to be very complicated.

Is there any other way out is possible??



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You can use OHAttributedLabel. Please check the example for more detail OHAttributedLabel –  Xuvi Jul 13 '12 at 8:39

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iOS 6 will supported attributed label for this sort of thing. Until then or if iOS 5=< compatibility is important to you, you can make the label a UIWebView and use HTML markup. Or do it the hard way with drawRect (which will perform better).

Edit: There are third party libraries that add attributed labels, Nimbus is one of them that works well.

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not tried Nimbus yet, my problem is resolved by using OHAttributedLabel, will also try Nimbus later on if required,anyways thankyou so much for your reply:) –  IPhone Developer Jul 13 '12 at 9:40

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