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I am developing a memory game in android where in user has to match the correct card.I have images.Should I use grid views to show the images?Once user clicks on two correct images ,the correct images has to disappear.How should I do this?

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Using GridView is a good approach. Have the adapter for the grid return the back of the card image for all cards initially and keep track of whether a card needs to be shown. Use OnItemClickListener to determine when a card is selected. There, tell your adapter that a card needs to be rotated and tell the grid view that the data has changed - to redraw the card. Then in the adapter keep a flag against each item to indicate whether it needs to show the back of the card or the actual card - and in your getView method draw the corresponding image.

Write some code, try debuggin it. When you're stuck, come back and post some specific code with your specific questions.

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can u please give some examples? –  Sujay Karanj Jul 13 '12 at 9:58
@SujayKaranj. Not yet. You need to show some effort on your part before we can help. SO is not a code-generation site. –  Aleks G Jul 13 '12 at 10:00

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