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I have create report form iReport using OLAP connection and MDX query. As a output I got .jrxml file from iReport. Now I want to schedule that report through Jasper server... So I am trying to import that .jrxml file in JasperServer.

But I am getting this error

The selected JRXML could not be parsed. You might have selected the wrong file.

I don't know what wrong.. How to import this file in JasperServer.

I am using iReport 4.6 and JasperServer 4.5

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I found the solution myself.. its just the last line of the question.

I was using iReports version 4.6 with JasperServer 4.5. JasperServer 4.5 is not compatible with iReports 4.6.

I switched to iReports 4.5 and the problem is gone.

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I would say that JasperReports Server didn't provide forward compatibility with the future versions of iReport. It does have backwards compatibility with older versions of iReport. –  mdahlman Jul 16 '12 at 19:02
but when I was trying to import iReport of 4.6 in JasperServer 4.5 it was giving error –  dhroove Jul 17 '12 at 4:36

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