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We use google sites at my company, and I am trying to use google sites API to modify certain pages. The credentials that I use for signing in are: username@companyName.com and a unique password.One more thing to note, is that the url for our sites pages are in the following format: https://sites.google.com/a/companyName/NameOfYourPage

I just started using the Google Sites API, and was looking at one of the examples that they have given in their /samples/sites directory. (Got this after downloading the most recent zip file https://code.google.com/p/gdata-python-client/downloads/list). Right now I was trying to run sites_examples.py.

So when I do run sites_examples.py and enter the site information as given above, I am asked to choose the authorization mechanism. I chose ClientLogin. When I enter the same user name and password (as I mentioned above) to access the sites page, it throws me: Invalid user credentials given.

Why is this happening?

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You can get this error if Google detects suspicious activity on your account. To remedy

  • log in to your Google account with the same credentials
  • look for the warning from Google that notifies you of suspicious activity
  • click on the link on the warning on Google's site
  • follow Google's instructions to enable your client code
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