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I've recently gone through the following link:

There's a point under title : Breaking Changes and Other Changes of Note

GWT no longer supports ChromeFrame. The implementation caused more bugs than it solved.

Does this mean that Chrome browser won't support GWT 2.5? Or am I misunderstood? Can anyone explain this?

Thanks in advance.

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ChromeFrame is a plugin for Internet Explorer that uses Chrome's rendering and JavaScript engine instead of IE's equivalents. So this statement does not refer to the standalone Chrome browser (and it would be strange indeed if it did).

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Particularly as there's a DevMode plugin for Chrome, and SuperDevMode has been demoed with Chrome at I/O, being the only browser that supports SourceMaps ;-) – Thomas Broyer Jul 13 '12 at 10:08

EDIT Google confirms an error in the release notes:

This is probably related to

Technically, there should be nothing special to support ChromeFrame (which is not the same as Chrome, so to answer your question: yes you're misunderstanding that statement from the release notes).

Actually, I believe the release notes are wrong: GWT 2.4 had issues with ChromeFrame (actually, when it was installed but disabled), and this has been fixed in 2.5 (see link to issue above).
I'll get in touch with Google to know more about it and possibly have the release notes fixed (if the above is right). Edit: done (will contact some directly by mail if needed).

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