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I have installed ffmpeg using yum install in my centos.Now i want to recompile it with 'libmp3lame'.Is possible a recompilation of the installed ffmpeg or i want to remove ffmpeg and reinstall.

suggestion is highly appreciable.

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libmp3lame is an external library used by ffmpeg to encode MP3 audio. If your current ffmpeg build is not configured with --enable-libmp3lame then you generally have four options:

Compile ffmpeg

Follow a non-invasive step-by-step guide to Compile FFmpeg on CentOS. If you can copy and paste you can compile.

Use a ffmpeg build

Download ffmpeg. This is an already compiled binary. This is probably the easiest solution, but compiling will give you more control over how the build is configured.

Use a repository package

Find an ffmpeg package from a repository that does support libmp3lame. This is the option I recommend the least because these packages are generally ancient and FFmpeg development is very active.

Pipe to lame

ffmpeg -i input -f wav - | lame - output.mp3

I do not consider this to be an actual solution but it may be useful to some.

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