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i want to create an "Login With MySite"-Button similar to the all known Facebook Login Button. In my case it should be much simplier (what doesn't mean, that I know how).

A website, which will include my "Login Button" provides a form, like:

<form action="save.html" id="FormName">
    <div>Lastname: <input type="text" id="lastname"/> </div>
    <div>Firstname: <input type="text" id="firstname"/> </div>

By pressing the "Login Button" people get the fields I can provide pre-filled out.

I created a version, where you get the data by GET, but this ain't pretty:

    <title> SomeHtml Form </title>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function fillForm(){
        var form = document.forms['FormName'];
        form.elements['lastname'].value = "<?php  if (isset($_GET['lname'])) echo $_GET['lname']; else echo "";?>";
        form.elements['firstname'].value = "<?php  if (isset($_GET['fname'])) echo $_GET['fname']; else echo "";?>";
    function getParameters(){

<body onLoad="fillForm()">

    <h1>Some Form</h1>

    <form action="save.html" id="FormName">
        <div>Lastname: <input type="text" id="lastname"/> </div>
        <div>Firstname: <input type="text" id="firstname"/> </div>

    <button onclick="getParameters();">Fill Form</button>

I heard about JSONP where I could do this way more elegant, but I don't know how?!! :( My Service (providing the information the loginbutton should give) is based on SPRING and Java Servlets. The site receiving the information might be anything, they should only have to implement the button and maybe change the IDs of the input-fields.

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Is "the service" you describe (Java etc) on the same domain as the site making the request to it? –  Utkanos Jul 13 '12 at 14:12
No, I have two different domains. One has the data, the other one has the form. It should be something like a login-button, like Facebook has it. So the user does not has to fill out a very long form, when he is already registered somewhere else! –  DonMarco Jul 17 '12 at 8:15

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