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First, sorry if it's a silly question but I'm a really big beginner. I tried out jQuery GoMap and it suits my needs. I only have one problem, I'm using the streetViewControl and I can't add a marker to my map. Actually I'm selecting a city name and street address from the database, I thought that was the problem. After that I hardcoded in a value to see whether there is the problem, but still the same thing.

Here is my code:

//grab google map location
var city = $('.city').text();
var street = $('.street').text();
var getLocation = city + " " + street;
  address: getLocation,
  streetViewControl: true,
  zoom: 16,
  maptype: 'roadmap',
  addMarker: true,
  icon: 'http://googlemaps.googlermania.com/google_maps_api_v3/en/Google_Maps_Marker.png',

Could please someone point out what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

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icon: 'http://googlemaps[...]Google_Maps_Marker.png',

The comma after Marker.png' is probably part of the problem.

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thank you for the comment, but i dont think thats the problem :) but just in case i tried and still the same result –  Side Jul 14 '12 at 6:15

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