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A fairly simple problem, I think. Here's my testing code (obviously I'll add security precautions when I'm writing this for real) -

    if (isset($_POST['url']) && !empty($_POST['url'])) {
        system('wget --no-parent --timestamping --convert-links --page-requisites --no-directories --no-host-directories -erobots=off '.$_POST['url']);
} else {
    echo '<form method="post"><input type="url" name="url"><input type="submit"></form>';


Is there some module in PHP or Apache2 that I need to enable/install for this to work? I'm visiting this page through the browser, if that helps. This happens even when the command has not been called yet (that part of the if statement is not run), and the 500 Error goes away if I comment out the system() or exec() line.

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Your code works for me, kindly check if system function is disabled for you. You can use ini_get('disable_functions') to check if it is disabled.

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There's an error in your supplied code; at the end you've placed the dot at the wrong place:


instead of

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Thanks - but I fixed it and the same problem occurred... – Alfo Jul 13 '12 at 11:14
I've copied your exact code, and I get a white page because I've disabled the system()-command, but no error at all. What do you want to accomplish? Can't you use the PHP cURL library or the function file_get_contents() instead? – Destralak Jul 13 '12 at 12:54
I'm trying to download a page and all it's dependencies into a directory, and I was advised that wget is the best way to do that. Can you think of any other ways? – Alfo Jul 13 '12 at 13:43

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