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I have a list with items.
When I click any of these items, I copy its id-value into a form text-field.
Everytime I click, it replaces the value, which is correct by default. But what I would like to add, is a way for the user to hold down a key on their keyboard, and when they then click, they just .append whatever they just clicked into the same form field.

Here's my jQuery-code I'm using for the first/default scenario:

    $('ul#filter-results li').click(function(){  
        var from = $(this).attr('id');  //  get the list ID and
        $('input#search').val(from+' ').keyup();  //  insert into text-field then trigger the search and
        $('input#search').focus();  //  make sure the field is focused so the user can start typing immediately

Is there a way to implement some sort of keyboard key-listener?
Something like:

if (e.shiftKey){
    .append('this text instead')

haven't tried out to see if shiftKey is even any valid name here

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shiftKey is of one of the properties of the event object and is valid to be used. try this:

$(document).on('keyup click', function(e){
   if (e.shiftKey) {


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There is a jQuery plugin for extended click.

You could try that or see how they have done it and implement it yourself.

ExtendedClick plugin

Hope this helps.

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$('ul#filter-results').on('click', 'li', function(e) {
  if(e.shiftKey) {
    do something;
  } else {
    do something else;
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This is what I ended up with:
I switched over to altKey because shiftKey marked a lot of text when I clicked.
Didn't do anything besides it doesn't look good...

    $('ul#filter-results li').click(function(e){

        var text = $(this).attr('id');  //  get the ID
        var input = $('#search');  //  form field to insert text into

        if (e.altKey){  input.val(input.val()+', '+text+' ').keyup();  }  //  fetch whatever is already there, and add some more
        else {  input.val(text+' ').keyup();  }  //  just replace whatever is already there



Thanks for good suggestions...

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