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I am getting the following error on an 'xmap' sitemap plugin used on Joomla v2.5 with the K2 cck on one of my sites as below:

Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/anctest/public_html/plugins/xmap/com_k2/com_k2.php on line 192

Its pointing to the following line in the below code:

$query = $baseQuery."catid in (".implode(",", $ids).") order by 1 DESC ";

Code here:

        case "categories":
            if (!self::$suppressSub)
                $query = $baseQuery."catid in (".implode(",", $ids).") order by 1 DESC ";
                $rows = $db->loadObjectList ();
                $rows = array();
                if (is_array($ids))
                    foreach($ids as $id)
                        $allrows = array();
                        xmap_com_k2::collectByCat($db, $id, $allrows);
                        $rows = array_merge($rows, $allrows);

Any ideas?


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$ids not an array
file_put_contents('log.txt',var_export($ids,true)); or var_dump($ids)
$ids in this case gets from link parameters in menu. Maybe categories not selected for this link. var_dump($parent->link) will show you all links, and a link before the error will be the problem link.

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what a wally.... it was a link issue... thanks @VampiRUS ;-) –  user991830 Jul 13 '12 at 11:18

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