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From spring doc about redirecting:

All model attributes are exposed as HTTP query parameters

After redirect, how can I load ModelMap from HTTP query parameters. Can I avoid adding attributes manually ?

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By the usual Spring MVC Binding, either using @RequestParam("modelName") or by passing in a backing form to be bound by Spring requestMappedMethod(MyBackingForm form, Model model)

If you are using Spring 3.1, you can also flashmaps at the point of redirect, then you can actually retrieve it directly from the model in the redirected controller.

fromRedirectMethod(..., RedirectAttributes redirectAttrs){
     redirectAttrs.addFlashAttribute("myAttr1","myAttrVal1").addFlashAttribute("myAttr2", "myAttrVal2");
...perform redirect

inRedirectedMethod(@ModelAttribute("myAttr1") myAttr1.., Model model){
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