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Can someone inject some malicious code into my script through this method? and if someone might, what is the best practice?

I am trying to create a similar to reddit way of suggesting title.

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The really short answer is YES. Generically speaking, any "foreign" loading of HTML is insecure - indeed, any loading of any data from a user is potentially insecure - all user supplied data must be validated and vetted.

However, It isn't really possible to give a definitive answer based on the information you have supplied. This is because it depends on which file, how is the file controlled, what do you do with the file once it is loaded.

Add this information and maybe I can give a better answer.

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I'm assuming that when you're asking about the security of that function/method you're talking about injecting some code that will be executed on the server and not XSS.

I'm not a C/C++ expert, but looking at dom_load_html()'s source code which is the method behind loadHTMLFile() I can see it's following well-structured logic and the flow is well controlled in addition to failing safely whenever encountering a problem.

Again, I'm a novice and you probably need some expert on C/C++, and the above is just my personal opinion.

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