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Traditionally, you would use the service container this way:


However, provided that only one definition of a specific class exists, I'd like to get this service by class name:


Is this possible with the service container?

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No, it's not possible, because a) a class can (and in many cases will) appear more than once [1] and b) the main reason to use a DIC is to decouple a concrete implementation from its usage and therefore you don't need a DIC at all, if you want an instance of a concrete class.

[1] Saying, that this one class appears only once is no good argument to implement an edge case into the DIC itself.

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I got your point. My idea was to use that as a foundation to an autowiring system, where we could inject dependencies into a class just by looking at its definition. But you're right, especially when using interfaces, that makes no sense in the way asked in the question. –  Benjamin Jul 13 '12 at 13:33

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