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What steps will reproduce the problem?

1.create grails project on STS: 2.9.2 2.Open plugin manager, install form builder plugin.

1.Create grails project on NetBeans IDE 7.0 2.Open Grails Plugins. install form builder plugin.

1.Create grails application using command grails create-app test 2.install form builder plugin.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Each time i was expecting plugin should install and i can run application, but getting several dependencies. I tried with/without changes made in BuildConfig.groovy.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?

I am working on Java: 1.6.0_29; Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM 20.4-b02 System: Windows XP version 5.1 running on x86; Cp1252; en_US (nb) with grails 2.0.4 I have installed STS 2.9.2, STS 2.5.1, Netbeans 7.0 with grails plugin

Please provide any additional information below.

Each time i tried to install plugin it is showing me some run-time dependencies for jquery, jquery ui and others, I tried to install all plugins before installing form builder plugin. Now it is showing me some class missing net.sf.json-lib:json-lib:2.4.

some time it is showing me error about C:\Documents and Settings\jitendrakarma.grails\2.0.4\projects\FormTest\plugins\form-builder-0.1\grails-app\controllers\org\grails\formbuilder\FormController.groovy: 18: unable to resolve class freemarker.template.Template @ line 18, column 1. import freemarker.template.Template

Please let me know what is wrong with the process i am following.

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You are doing everything totally right. The plugin itself does not manage its dependencies correctly. Also it is belonging to some classes that doesn't exists any more in Grails >= 2.x.x

If you add all missing external dependencies and add the following entries to the plugin closure of grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy

compile ":form-builder:0.1"
compile ":jquery-ui:1.8.6"
compile ":dynamic-domain-class:0.2.1"
compile ":jquery-json:2.2"
compile ":freemarker-tags:0.5.8"
compile ":uni-form:1.5"
compile ":jquery-datatables:1.7.5"
compile ":jquery-validation-ui:1.2"
compile ":lang-selector:0.3"
compile ":quartz:0.4.2"
compile ":jquery-form-builder:0.1"

and add the following entry to the dependencies section of the same file

compile 'org.freemarker:freemarker:2.3.19'

you will still get four compile errors.

One of them is: "unable to resolve class org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.metaclass.TagLibDynamicMethods"

If you look up this class in the grails api documentation you will see it inside the grails 1.3.7 version but it is missing in the 2.0.4 version.

So the best thing I could recommend you is to search for another plugin or doing some code by your own.

Validation for example could be done with a Command on the grails side and the JQuery Validation Plugin on the client side. The form itself can be created with the help of scaffolding. Even if you don't need a domain you could create one run scaffolding to get the resulting form and throw away the domain.

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