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I got an ontology/.owl-file. I want to display the content in my JAVA-Application. The content which is to read should be just the classes and instances.

I really hard tried different things in the last days. I worked with the OWLAPI and ProtegeAPI and includes different reasoners (HermiT, Pellet, FaCT++,Jena).

Most of the time it failed because important imports were missing because I can't find the package in the download from the official website.

One time I got rudimentarily my ontologie hierarchy with the reasoner HermiT. But the output from my classes and nodes wasn't the same like it is in Protege displayed.

1) Does anybody have a simple code example for displaying the hierarchy of an ontology in a JAVA-Application?

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I googled on "traversing the ontology tree code example" and got dozens of articles explaining the concept. Some of them may have code exmaples.

At first glance this article looks pretty good.

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thank you for your answer. this article is not what i'am looking for. thats a handwritten algorithmus! my target is to use one of the API's in connection with a reasoner. –  haxenmaxen Jul 13 '12 at 11:43

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