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Do you know, if the bing map soap service using has daily limit? For example daily query is 1.000

I am using route service for calculate ways and distances between cities.

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Is this what you are looking for?

“Evaluation [...] for a 90 day evaluation period without entering into an Agreement, provided that (i) your use is consistent with the terms of Section 7; and (ii) you do not exceed 10,000 transactions of any type including sessions as defined in the SDKs, whether billable or non-billable, in any 30 day period."

“Limited Commercial, Non-Commercial or Government Use” [...] provided that (i) your use is consistent with the terms of Section 6; (ii) your Company Application is publically available without restriction (for example, login or password must not be required and it must not be located behind a firewall); and (iii) you do not exceed either 125,000 transactions of type session or 500,000 transactions of any type, whichever comes first, both as defined in the SDKs, in any twelve month period.

source: Microsoft® Bing™ Maps Platform APIs’ Terms Of Use

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