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I'm trying to validate an url without domain, just the path and params.

The regular expression that I'm using do most of the work, but It has some errors that I dont know how to prevent (I'm pretty noob with regexp):


The next example are correctly validated

/asd.jsp -> true
/asd/asd.jsp -> true
/asd/asd.jsp?bar=baz&inga=42&quux -> true
/asd/asd.jsp?bar=ba z&inga=42&quux -> false

But this ones arent correct ulrs and them gives me true too:

/asd/asd./jsp -> true :(
/asd/asd.jsp/ -> true :(
/asd./asd.jsp -> true :(
/asd///asd.jsp -> true :(
/asd/asd.jsp&bar=baz?inga=42?quux -> true :(

Do you recommend to use a function instead of a regex?

Very much thanks!

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Take a look to this question. Just remove regex for the domain (search the 3rd dot). – Adriano Repetti Jul 13 '12 at 12:08
/asd/asd.jsp/ is a valid url – Ωmega Jul 13 '12 at 12:09
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Try this:


I already escaped special characters, so you can directly use it in java. By the way, /asd/asd.jsp?bar=baz&inga=42&quux is not a valid URL.

Unescaped Regex:

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I have changed your solution a bit to allow the value "/asd/asd.jsp" and just one parameter with "?": ^(\/\w+)+\.\w+(\?(\w+=[\w\d]+(&\w+=[\w\d]+)*)+){0,1}$ As a last request, is possible to allow too the values "/asd/" and "/asd"? Very much thanks for your solution, is really great! – Masta Jul 13 '12 at 15:25

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