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I am new to spree. I want to make some changes in the views of spree and for that i found two methods: 1. Using Deface 2. By overriding the view

Currently, i am overriding the views but it was recommended that this approach is not very good. I want to use deface but unable to apply it:  => "spree/checkout/registration",
                     :insert_before => "div#registration",
                     :text          => "<p>Registration is the future!</p>",
                     :name          => "registration_future")

Please help me how could i optimize my views?

Thanks in advance

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You can use Deface to replace content and insert new content by creating a ruby file with your code inside the app/overrides folder in your project.


The future_registration.rb will have the code you pasted. If you visit the url spree/checkout/registration after restarting the server, you should see the message in the page.

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