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I am working on a launcher. It let's users add widgets from the list, it works fine. I store information about the widget (PackageName, ClassName and it's co-ordinates on the screen) in my database when the user adds one to the screen.

When the application is restarted (or the device itself) I add those (user selected) widgets back through code:

// APPWIDGET_HOST_ID is any number you like
appWidgetManager = AppWidgetManager.getInstance(this);
appWidgetHost = new AppWidgetHost(this, APPWIDGET_HOST_ID);
AppWidgetProviderInfo newAppWidgetProviderInfo = new AppWidgetProviderInfo();

// Get an id
int appWidgetId = appWidgetHost.allocateAppWidgetId();

// Get the list of installed widgets
List<AppWidgetProviderInfo> appWidgetInfos = new ArrayList<AppWidgetProviderInfo>();
appWidgetInfos = appWidgetManager.getInstalledProviders();

for(int j = 0; j < appWidgetInfos.size(); j++)
    if (appWidgetInfos.get(j).provider.getPackageName().equals(PackageName) && appWidgetInfos.get(j).provider.getClassName().equals(ClassName))
        // Get the full info of the required widget
        newAppWidgetProviderInfo = appWidgetInfos.get(j);

// Create Widget
AppWidgetHostView hostView = appWidgetHost.createView(this, appWidgetId, newAppWidgetProviderInfo);
hostView.setAppWidget(appWidgetId, newAppWidgetProviderInfo);

// Add it to your layout
RelativeLayout widgetLayout = (RelativeLayout) findViewById(;

The widget is successfully added to the layout but it seems like it's not enabled/updated. It doesn't respond to clicks (for instance, Analog Clock) and doesn't show any data (for instance, Music player widget), although I have put this:

protected void onStart() {

protected void onStop() {

I am stuck on it since quite a long time. Searched a lot but it seems I'm the only one in this world with this problem.

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have you ever solved your problem, I am having a similar one look at my latest question.. – M_K Mar 15 '13 at 0:23
Not yet, I've put that on hold while I'm busy with the other things. I'll surely post the solution as soon as I get one. :/ – Kamran Ahmed Apr 14 '13 at 4:20
Any further news on this?? – Ravi Dhoriya ツ May 14 at 20:47
Unfortunately, no. :( – Kamran Ahmed May 15 at 4:32

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