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i want paging using jquery in jsp page.

i want page wise navigation and data should come dynamically. as well when i m going to click on page number at that time data should must not be preloaded.

Also the whole page must not be should be ajax based.

I am using struts 1.2.

you can suggest ajax implementation with struts display tag also.

Please suggest.

similar like ingrid

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Then use DisplayTag in your Project

DisplayTag is Third party plugin just Download and add it to Project. for more information and Tutorials Click Here

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Here is a list of jquery pagination plugins. Choose what's best suits you.

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try jPaginate

It is a jQuery pagination plugin that comes with a twist: animated page numbers. The user can slide through the available page numbers by clicking or just hovering over the arrows. Shortlinks to the first and last page are available as well.

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This page has 20 jquery plugins, I recommend you to go and find the most suitable.

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