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I have three tasks A, B, C.

B must run before C, but A can run in parallel to both of them. This is logic that has recently changed, and the logic we currently have works fine, I just wondered if there is a better solution to what we currently have:

public void RunTasks(...) {
    Action<IRunnableTask> runner = task => 
        if (task.ShouldRun(request))
            task.Run(request, response);

    // run parallel tasks
    Parallel.ForEach(parallelTasks, runner);

    // run serial tasks
    Array.ForEach(serialTasks, runner);

Here, A and B would be parallel tasks, C is in the list of serial tasks. The problem is here that the code will wait for A to finish before C can start, which is unnecessary.

So, is there a nice clean solution, or do I need to start putting in callbacks and whatnot?

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It's not stated in the question, but if you want to do something when both A and C are done, you can Task.WhenAll them and then ContinueWith on that. –  James Manning Jul 13 '12 at 16:22
Also, depending on the code for B and C, they don't have to be separate tasks, but you could just have a single task that runs the B code and then runs the C code. –  James Manning Jul 13 '12 at 16:23

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You could make use of Tasks from the TPL.

You could run Tasks B and A at the same time, then have task C run as a continuation of Task B



In the continuation of TaskB, you can pass in the Task to get any result of TaskB passed into the TaskC method.

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Depending on the actual logic, could also have the second line be Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { TaskB(); TaskC(); }); :) –  James Manning Jul 13 '12 at 16:23
James, you could, but TaskC would not know anything about the result of TaskB in that case, and also, makes things like error handling very messy. I certainly would not recommend it. Tasks should be discrete. –  stevethethread Jul 13 '12 at 16:32

How about adding a task to the list of parallel tasks, whose responsibility it is to execute the serial tasks one after another?

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Something like that:

Action taskACallback = () => { };
Action taskBCallback = () => { };
Action taskCCallback = () => { };

Task taskA = new Task(taskACallback);
Task taskC = new Task(taskCCallback);
Task taskB = new Task(taskBCallback).ContinueWith(t => taskC.Start());
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AFAIK, when using ContinueWith, you pass a Func or Action, not a task, so you'd instead do something like "Task taskB = new Task(taskBCallback);" and "Task taskC = taskB.ContinueWith(t => taskCCallback());" - the existing code would actually assign ContinueWith task to the taskB variable and throw at runtime trying to Start() it :) –  James Manning Jul 13 '12 at 16:36

Just a slightly modified version of sll's answer since I'm not sure what the etiquette around editing code to this extent is.

Action taskACallback = () => Console.WriteLine ("Task A");
Action taskBCallback = () => Console.WriteLine ("Task B");
Action<Task> taskCCallback = task => Console.WriteLine ("Task C, continued off of task with status {0}", task.Status);

Task taskA = new Task(taskACallback);
Task taskB = new Task(taskBCallback);
Task taskC = taskB.ContinueWith(taskCCallback);

This gives console output of:

Task A
Task B
Task C, continued off of task with status RanToCompletion
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