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I have the following problem. On a user-event (click on .twitterDefault) I call save event with

twitter : {
                    handle : handle,
                    ignore : false

Then the success function gets called and I set fields on the model (klout, twitter and tester). All fields are set (logging statements all print out appropiate objects.

However, then I call view.render() and here twitter is not set anymore. I have no idea why, there is no sync happening after the save so twitter does not get overwritten (additionally I made sure twitter is also saved on the server before the success method gets called).

Any help greatly appreciated!

Code as follows (stripped to improve readability)

$(function() {

var ContactModel,

//base model
ContactModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults : {
    initialize : function() {

ContactModelCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model : ContactModel,
    url : '/api/contacts',
    comparator : function(contact) {
        return contact.get('strength_of_relationship');
    initialize : function() {

ContactView = Backbone.View.extend({
    tagName : 'li', //attempting to create a new element
    render: function() {
        var compiled_tmpl = _.template($('#contact-template').html());
        var html = compiled_tmpl(this.model.toJSON());
        console.log('rendered view successfully)');
        return this;
    initialize: function() {
        console.log('contactView initalized');
        this.model.bind('change', this.render, this);
        this.model.bind('destroy', this.remove, this);
    events: {
        'click .twitterDefault' : 'assignDefaultTwitterHandle',
    assignDefaultTwitterHandle : function(event) {
        var handle = $(event.currentTarget).data('twitter');
    assignTwitterHandle : function(handle) {
        console.log('model assignTwitterHandle. handle='+handle+')');
        var view = this,
            model = view.model;
            twitter : {
                handle : handle,
                ignore : false
            id : model.get('id')
        }, {
            error : function() {
                console.log('saving twitter handle failed');
            success : function(model, response) {
                if(response.error) {
                    console.log('error on server ='+response.error);
                if(response.twitter) {
                    console.log('twitter is set');
                    var twitter = {
                        handle : handle,
                        tweet : response.twitter,
                        age : new Date()
                    console.log('setting twitter to '+JSON.stringify(twitter));
                    model.set('twitter', twitter);
                    model.set('tester', 'tester');
                    console.log('twitter after setting it = '+JSON.stringify(model.get('twitter')));
                    console.log('view\'s model twitter after setting it = '+JSON.stringify(view.model.get('twitter')));

                if(response.klout) {
                    console.log('klout is set');
                    var klout = {
                        topics : response.klout
                    console.log('setting klout to '+JSON.stringify(klout));
                    model.set('klout', klout);
                if(response.twitter || response.klout) {
                    console.log('Rerendering view after setting klout/twitter');

contacts = new ContactModelCollection;

ContactCollectionView = Backbone.View.extend({
    el : $('#suggestions-list'),
    initialize : function(){
        contacts.bind('add', this.addOne, this);
        contacts.bind('reset', this.addAll, this);
        contacts.bind('all', this.render, this);
    render : function(){
        console.log('contactcollectionview render');
    addOne : function(contact) {
        var view = new ContactView({model: contact});
        var el = view.render().el;
    addAll : function() {

contactCollectionView = new ContactCollectionView;

App.contacts = contacts;
App.contactCollectionView = contactCollectionView; });
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I guess the problem is the scope of the render function. Depending from where is called, this takes a different value.

To warranty that always this is pointing to the View scope, add to your initialize:


Also, it's not good habit to call view.render manually. You should let the events do their work. Model save already triggers some events. Just listen to them to update your View.

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Thanks for your answer corbacho. I don't think the problem is the scope. Firstly, values 'klout' and 'tester' are printed out as expected. Additionally, the change is also bound to the render method, 'twitter' is still undefined. I tried it out with commenting the manual render (in the success callback) which didn't change anything (except one render call less). – forste Jul 16 '12 at 9:49

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