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I have a txt file with the following structure:

a        10       1,2,3
b        6        8,9
c        20       5,6,7 ,8

The first line represent the header and the data is separated by tabs. I need to put the elements of DATA1 in a list or vector in a way that I can traverse the elements one by one.

Also I need to extract the elements of DATA2 for each NAME and to put them in a list so I can traverse then individually, e.g. get the elements 8,9 for NAME b and put it into a list. (Note that the third record has a space in the list in DATA2 between the 7 and the comma).

How I can do that both operations? I know that I can use read.table and $ for accessing individual elements, but I am stuck.

info<-read.table("table1", header=FALSE,sep="\t")
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When you read in data like this, you'll have a data.frame where NAME and DATA2 are factors and DATA1 are numeric. You can, post festum, massage DATA2 into another list by splitting at ,. Please add more context, maybe there's a better way of doing whatever you're striving to do. –  Roman Luštrik Jul 13 '12 at 12:58

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Run this demo and look at the structure of n, d1, and d2 -- that should help you get going:

df = read.table(text="NAME\tDATA1\tDATA2
c\t20\t5,6,7 ,8", 
                header= TRUE, 

n  = df$NAME
d1 = df$DATA1
d2 = lapply(strsplit(df$DATA2, ","), 
names(d2) = n

d2['b'][1] # access first element in list named 'b'

lapply(d2, FUN=mean) # mean of all rows in d2
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thanks for the answer @gauden, one problem that I have is with the format of my DATA2 that is "1,2,3","8,9","5,6,7,8" so when I execute the lapply(strsplit...) I got an error because of the " ", how can I get rid of that error? Thanks –  Layla Jul 13 '12 at 14:49
@Manolo, I have edited the code to include parsing the records with the tab separator and this avoids the problem of spaces in DATA2 causing the error you have discovered. –  gauden Jul 13 '12 at 17:58

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