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How to get TimeZone value in the Java 1.6 through OsloneTimeZone Database.

I am passing base64 string of timeZone lyk. "Asia/Kolkata". After that I have to get this Tiezone value in numerical format like + 5.5.

How to do this please suggest.

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Fairly simple. This timezone database is built into java 1.6, however you might need to update your version of tzdata, please check here.

So the code then is as follows

TimeZone localTimeZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone("Asia/Kolkata");
// next line yields milliseconds
int rawOffset = localTimeZome.getRawOffset();
// next line converts to hours
double hourOffset = (rawOffset / 1000) / 3600.0;

If you are happy with a numeric representation (no leading plus if the value is positive) then you are done. If you want a version with a leading plus, add the following line:

String hourOffsetString = (hourOffset > 0.0 ? "+" + hourOffset : "" + hourOffset);

Running the full code for me yields +5.5 which I think we both agree is the correct offset for Kolkata.

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