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I am new in Mvc3 my problem is when i simply create MultiSelectList from the data base its working fine but i want to search on the basis of MultiSelectList selected values i cant handle how to do this


using above link i am able to create MultiSelectList
kindly help me how to search records on the basis of selected values from MultiSelectList my question is that should i create another View to fetch record from database but problem is what will be the database query to select records

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If you look at the sample source code, you can see that they load the list of countries into a multiselectlist:

public ActionResult MultiCountryVM() { 
    return View(new CountryViewModel()); 

public ActionResult MultiSelectCountry() { 
    ViewBag.Countrieslist = GetCountries(null); 
    return View(); 

private MultiSelectList GetCountries(string[] selectedValues) { 
    List<Country> Countries = new List<Country>() 
        new Country() { ID = 1, Name= "United States" }, 
        new Country() { ID = 2, Name= "Canada" }, 
        new Country() { ID = 3, Name= "UK" }, 
        new Country() { ID = 4, Name= "China" }, 
        new Country() { ID = 5, Name= "Japan" } 

    return new MultiSelectList(Countries, "ID", "Name", selectedValues); 

Then on the form post they store the selected values into the ViewBag:

public ActionResult MultiSelectCountry(FormCollection form) { 
    ViewBag.YouSelected = form["Countries"]; 
    string selectedValues = form["Countries"]; 
    ViewBag.Countrieslist = GetCountries(selectedValues.Split(',')); 
    return View(); 

It looks like they are putting it into a ViewBag so they can pass it to the MultiCountryVM view, and not actually doing any query with the data. If you wanted to do a query, you would just create a LINQ query using an appropriate context, which you'd also have to write since they only have context for the music entities.

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