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Android's Java and Oracle's Java are slightly different. Is it possible to use the following actors or coroutines

also for Android in order to avoid to use threads and share more code between Android's Java and Oracle's Java? Are there other frameworks available for both Java versions.

Thank you in advance.

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By "alternative to threads" do you mean alternative to the Thread class or threading in general? – Tudor Jul 13 '12 at 15:36
I would like to avoid to sync Threads or dead locks and would like to have something like an Actor model or coroutines also for Android. Is there anything out there for Android? – user977828 Jul 13 '12 at 22:16

You should try actors from Java version of Akka: http://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/snapshot/java/untyped-actors.html

It allows easy growing of actor topology using best practices (no direct access to actors by Java reference, limiting failures to zones, limiting overload using scheduler zones etc.) - all of them are described in free copy of "Scala in Depth" book: http://typesafe.com/resources/scala-in-depth

Here is example (with demo http://vimeo.com/20303656) of dynamic behavior of actors using Akka FSM on Android: https://github.com/akka/akka/blob/master/akka-samples/akka-sample-fsm/src/main/scala/DiningHakkersOnBecome.scala

Also you can try lightweight actors from Functional Java: https://github.com/functionaljava/functionaljava/blob/master/core/src/main/java/fj/control/parallel/Actor.java

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Thank you. Akka depends on Scala runtime library which is more than 8 Mb. Gpars gpars.org/guide/guide/… is only 450 KB big. j-javaactors ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-javaactors is around 400 KB big. There is also code.google.com/p/functionaljava/downloads/list around 2 MB big and code.google.com/p/guava-libraries/wiki/… – user977828 Jul 18 '12 at 2:21

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