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I have a little text based game i am working on.

The user has a few options of attack sometimes when the user presses "1" or jab the program just stops:

    if (round > 1) //First time no pause
        Sleep(500); //Cleans up timing... i like it

    score_round = 0;
    //This is so ugly fix it!
    printf("Round %d: \nChoose Your Attack:(1/2/.../D)\n\n1.Jab\t\tOr D to defend\n2.Cross\n3.Hook\n",round);
    action = getch();

    //Create the damage for each player
        if(action == '1')
            UserAttack = rand() % (UserStats[0]-2);
            EnemyAttack = rand() % (EnemyStats[0]-3);

        else if(action == '2')
            UserAttack = rand()  %UserStats[0];
            EnemyAttack = rand() %EnemyStats[0];

        else if(action == '3')
            UserAttack = rand()  %(UserStats[0]+4);
            EnemyAttack = rand() %(EnemyStats[0]+2);

        else if(action == 'D' || action == 'd')
            UserAttack= 0;
            EnemyAttack = defense(); //Defense randomizes a number upto 3 if it is 1 the enemy attack is 1 point

        else //Ensures the key pressed is a valid choice
            printf("INVALID ACTION PRESS ANY KEY TO RECHOOSE:"); getch(); //TODO: Pressing this clears the health screen!
            system("cls"); //Clears screen just in case

I ran the debugger and all the variables were fine but call stack (which i do not know about returned this)

Call Stack

If you need more info let me know! Thank you!

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So where is the code for the loop? –  leppie Jul 13 '12 at 14:05
Regarding those 'break' characters - is there a loop or switch we can't see? –  Paul Beckingham Jul 13 '12 at 14:07
updated the code there is a loop –  Bevilacqua Jul 13 '12 at 14:08
@Bevilacque what do you mean "the program just stops"? Is it stuck? Also, the break; is unnecessary, it's not a switch statement. –  Eitan T Jul 13 '12 at 14:45

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You could have a low value for userstats or enemystats, causing the expression


to be zero. This results in taking something mod 0, which is bad.

You might use something like

x ? y%x : x

to get the behavior you want.

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but then it is just 0 which is ok the attack may be 0 –  Bevilacqua Jul 13 '12 at 14:38
Yes, but if it is zero then the operation rand() % 0 is undefined behavior. How could you choose a number which, when divided by zero, has any notion of a remainder? –  airza Jul 13 '12 at 17:41

I think switch case would have been a better option, too many if's are violating the code readability.

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that is a good point i have thought about that but i dont want a switch-case inside a while loop could get confusing... at least for me! –  Bevilacqua Jul 14 '12 at 1:01

i fixed it by replacing the stuff in if(action == '1') {} with

                if(UserStats[0]  <= 2) UserAttack  = rand() %2; //Ensure users strength is above 2
                else UserAttack = rand() % (UserStats[0]-2);

                if(EnemyStats[0] <= 3) EnemyAttack = rand() %2; //Ensures enemies strength is above 3
                else EnemyAttack = rand() % (EnemyStats[0]-3);

Thank you everyone for your help and support! I am sure there is an easier way to do this but i like this way because it helps me understand the code for future use a little better! :)

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