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I'm trying to print a line that contains specific keywords, and they both should be in the same line in order for it to print out.

This is how I approached the problem, I made 2 variables and assigned them with the variables. One of them is a filename and that changes every time the program iterated through a list.

for files in myfiles:
       for lines in info:
             if dir_key and files in lines:
                      print lines
                 print "line not found" 

This works, but the problem is, it also prints a line that only contains the filename. How do I ensure it doesn't do that ?. I tried the

if line.beginswith(dir_key) and line.endswith(file)

but that yielded no results what so ever. so I switched to the first method.

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if dir_key in lines and files in lines:

if dir_key is a string, then the test if dir_key: will be True as long as dir_key isn't an empty string. so your total test is most likely equivalent to if True and (files in lines):

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What you have right now is checking the truthiness of dir_key, not that dir_key is in lines. Change

if dir_key and files in lines:
if dir_key in lines and files in lines:
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