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Technical Q&A QA1765 : How to Match a Crash Report to a Build explains how to "Find the Build Identifier in a Crash Report" using grep.

$ grep -A=1 "Binary Images:" Example.crash
Binary Images:
   0xb6000 - 0xb7fff +Example armv7 <270a9b9d7a333a4a9f1aaf8186f81394> /var/mobile/Applications/28D4F177-D312-4D3B-A76C-C2ACB4CB7DAD/

But, what's the best way to extract just the build identifier: 270a9b9d7a333a4a9f1aaf8186f81394?

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The Technical Q&A that you linked to states:

The first line in the "Binary Images:" section of a crash report includes the build identifier, inside <>.

So, I would go with something like:

grep -A 1 "Binary Images:" Example.crash | sed -n 's/.*<\([a-z0-9]\{32\}\)>.*/\1/p'
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What kind of shenanigans is this, answering your own question within less than a minute? Is this one of these "I wanted to post and answer a reference question that might help somebody else" kind of deals? – Michael Dautermann Jul 13 '12 at 14:07
Sure. I figured out an answer to the question as I was asking it. Note: It's not "my own question." I don't "own" this question. It's just a question I had. There's a subtle but important difference, as Eckhart Tolle explains in his books. :) Others may also have the same question. May this answer (Notice, it's not my answer.) serve them. – mattdipasquale Jul 13 '12 at 21:33

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