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I have built a slider which expands to fit the window, and have #prev and #next pager buttons (which are highlighted in green). As the slider changes size I need to have these buttons positioned with a top margin as a percentage value. This is fine in Firefox but in Chrome and IE it doesn't read this margin. If I put it as a px value it works fine but obviously doesn't adjust to fit the slider size. Please advise...


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You could try absolutely positioning the buttons with a "top" value of 50% then a negative margin top of the height in pixels of the button.

If you make the buttons a relatively small fixed size that doesn't change then this will be do-able.

That seems to be how Flexi-SLider works and that is one of the leading responsive sliders out there.


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Chris, instead of regularly changing the margin-top value, you could instead modify the top value regularly.

Since you've positioned the two buttons as absolute, it's better to work with left and top values instead of margins - frankly because margins don't make much sense once you're at liberty to use left,top,right,bottm values in CSS.

Hope this helps you. I tried removing margins in both Chrome and FF and they both looked the same after that. Once you get to this position, you can then modify the top values.

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Hi Aditya, thanks a lot for that. I have swapped the top and margin-top values around and it doesn't seem to read the top: percentage value at all ? –  chris.carruthers Jul 13 '12 at 14:49

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