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I am relativley new to MS SQL server. I need to create a test database from exisitng test data base with same schema and get the data from production and fill the newly created empty database. For this I was using generate scripts in SSMS. But now I need to do it on regular basis in a job. Please guide me how I can create empty databases automatically at a point of time.

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You will have a very hard time automating the generate scripts wizard. I would suggest using something like Red-Gate's SQL Compare (or any alternative that supports command-line). You can create a new, empty database, then script a compare/deploy using the command line from SQL Server Agent.

Another, more icky alternative, is to deploy your schema and modules to the model database. You can keep this in sync using SQL Compare (or alternatives), or just be diligent about deployment of schema/module changes, then when you create a new database it will automatically inherit the current state of your schema/modules. The problem with this approach (other than depending on you keeping model in sync) is that all new databases will inherit this schema, since there currently is no way to have multiple models.

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Have you considered restoring backups?

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To add to Aaron's already good answer, I've been using SQLDelta for years - I think it's excellent.

(I have no connection to SqlDelta, other than being a very satisfied customer)

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