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Given a column called 'birthday' in my model that I declare like this:

birthday = Column(Date)

I'm trying to display it as a row in my form. However, I have to respect the French standard that goes like "Year" "Day" "Month" instead of "Month" "Day" "Year".

So far the closest I got to it is :

fs.birthday.set(html=[('lang', 'fr')])

which does display the names of the months in French rather than English, but is there a way to easily change the display order of the elements without witting a custom renderer?

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The workaround I found for this was to reorder the fields using JQuery:

 // Reorder date fields
  function reorder( dateFieldId ) {

    var grp = $('#'+dateFieldId).children();
    var cnt = grp.length;

    var temp = grp[0];
    grp[0] = grp[1];
    grp[1] = temp;

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