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I've reduced the number of custom color schemes in vim to the bare minimum of great ones, but I still have all of the crazy defaults, like elflord, which I'd rather not have to tab through. Can I remove these without hacking my MacVim install and having to do it in the next update?

Obviously this is splitting hairs, but configuring my .vimrc in the first place is splitting hairs.

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My installation of vim73 has the colors stored in \path\to\vim\vim73\colors.

In there I see elflord.vim and a host of other files.

Presumably removing them from this directory should remove them altogether.

Then, you can just tab through whatever you want.

Edit: If you want to have something that goes in and removes the files from the colors directory after an update, perhaps you may have to write a script to manage that--I'm not really sure.


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I presume you are tabbing through your colorschemes for editing different filetypes? why not just set up your colorscheme preference in corresponding filetype-specific entries using autocmd FileType or via individual vim files in the ftplugin directory. Make sure you have filetype plugin on

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How many colorschemes do you actually use? If it's just a few (and you really need to change them frequently, like whether it's dark or bright daylight), I'd define shortcut commands, like:

command -bar Col1 colorscheme default
command -bar Col2 colorscheme darkblue

You could remove the colorschemes from $VIMRUNTIME/colors/, but you're right about having to do this after every Vim upgrade.

A (complex) alternative would be writing a custom :Colorscheme command, with a custom completion that uses something like a blacklist to suppress certain schemes. As a bonus, with the cmdalias plugin, you could even overwrite the original :colorscheme command, to make this fully transparent.

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