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I have a string in some text of the form "12,34,77", including the quotation marks.

I need to get the values of each of those numbers into a list. I tried using lapply and strsplit:


but I get the error:

non character argument

What am I doing wrong?

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your original question is now answered, and there is no need for extra parsing, gsub-bing or regex-ing. – gauden Jul 13 '12 at 18:07
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scalar Here is a one-liner using strapply from the gsubfn package:

> library(gsubfn)
> x <- '"12,34,567"'
> strapply(x, "\\d+", as.numeric, simplify = c)
[1]  12  34 567

vectorized A vectorized version is even simpler -- just remove the simplify=c like this:

v <- c('"1,2,3"', '"8,9"') # test data
strapply(v, "\\d+", as.numeric)`

gsub and scan

scalar and here is a one-linear using gsub and scan:

> scan(text = gsub('"', '', x), what = 0, sep = ",")
Read 3 items
[1]  12  34 567

vectorized A vectorized version would involve lapply-ing over the components:

lapply(v, function(x) scan(text = gsub('"', '', x), what = 0, sep = ","))


scalar and here is a strsplit solution. Note that we split on both " and , :

> as.numeric(strsplit(x, '[",]')[[1]][-1])
[1]  12  34 567

vectorized-1 A vectorized solution would, again, involve lapply-ing over the components:

lapply(v, function(x) as.numeric(strsplit(x, '[",]')[[1]][-1]))

vectorized-2 or slightly simpler:

lapply(strsplit(gsub('"', '', v), split = ","), as.numeric)

EDIT: Added additional solutions.

EDIT: Added vectorized versions of all solutions.

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I think your problem may stem from your source data. In any case, if you want to work with numbers, you will have get rid of quotes. I recommend gsub.

> x <- '"1,3,5"'
> x
[1] "\"1,3,5\""
> x <- gsub("\"", "", x)
> x
[1] "1,3,5"
> as.numeric(unlist(strsplit(x, ",")))
[1] 1 3 5
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+1 This is nice. No lapply needed. – Andrie Jul 13 '12 at 15:59
the solution posted by other user that was: control2=lapply(strsplit(as.character(data$values),","),as.numeric), works just fine. Thanks – Layla Jul 13 '12 at 16:10
@Manolo Then you don't have quotation marks. :) See? as.numeric('"9"') – Roman Luštrik Jul 13 '12 at 16:16

Try this:

x <-  "12,34,77"
sapply(strsplit(x, ",")[[1]], as.numeric, USE.NAMES=FALSE)
[1] 12 34 77

Since the result of strsplit() is a list of lists, you need to extract the first element and pass this to lapply().

If, however, your string really containst embedded quotes, you need to remove the embedded quotes first. You can use gsub() for this:

x <-  '"12,34,77"'
sapply(strsplit(gsub('"', '', x), ",")[[1]], as.numeric, USE.NAMES=FALSE)
[1] 12 34 77
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As has already been pointed out, you need to regex out the quotation marks first.

The destring function in the taRifx library will do that (remove any non-numeric characters) and then coerce to numeric:

test <- '"12,34,77"'
[1] 12 34 77
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