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I have a problem when i am working with plots in Matalb. Following are my issues with Plots

How can one select Regions after plotting data using mouse?

After selecting the Regions how to get data from that region?

Any Ideas?

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I have no idea what your plots look like or what kind of regions you want to define so I can't offer any specific instructions. Try looking into the ginput function. –  ioums Jul 13 '12 at 19:10
my plot have some quadratic curves. ginput just gives selected data, but when i have my plot i need to be able to select some zone or region using mouse like using mouse drag two horizontal line, area between those lines would be a region. –  Satya Vamsi Jul 13 '12 at 19:39
ginput gives the (x,y) coordinate of where you clicked. You could, for example, use two clicks (i.e. [x,y]=ginput(2)) to define the top left and bottom right corners of a rectangle, and use everything in that rectangle as your region. –  ioums Jul 13 '12 at 19:46

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Selecting regions with a mouse is quite easy using the rbbox function.

First you add a ButtonDownFcn to the axes you are drawing rbbox on.

hax = axes( ... , 'ButtonDownFcn', @OnClickAxes);

Then you call rbbox within the callback like this

function OnClickAxes( hax, evt )

point1 = get(hax,'CurrentPoint'); % hax is handle to axes
point2 = get(hax,'CurrentPoint'); % hax is handle to axes


Here point1 and point2 will define the two corners of the rectangle drawn by your mouse in data coordinates. Type doc rbbox at matlab prompt for more information

Now to answer your second question for 2-D plots.

This bit of code will extract and return the data within the selected region for all lines within an axes.


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