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Hello I retrieve data from webbrowser control by use getelementbyid.

var element = webbrowser.document.getelementbyid(something);

i have a problem is cant convert to double which can convert to string. i want to know about convertion to be double. it's can possible?

i tried already but ...

Input string was not in a correct format.

What's wrong?

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Use value of html element.

Try this,

double d = double.Parse(webbrowser.document.getelementbyid(something).value);
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I assume you're trying to do something like this;

string innerHtml = webbrowser.Document.GetElementById(something).InnerHtml;
double value;

if(Double.TryParse(innerHtml, out value))
    // value is now populated
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You could use

double d;
string element = webbrowser.document.getelementbyid(something).Value;
if (Double.TryParse(element, out d))
    // Conversion succesful: in d you find your number

Take a look at Double.TryParse syntax.

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After retrieving the value in string form, you should use Double.TryParse to parse it as a double, e.g.:

double number;

if (Double.TryParse(webbrowser.document.getelementbyid(something), out number))
   // ... do something useful with 'number' ...
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