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When using the Omniture Data Warehouse API Explorer ( ), the following request provides an 'Date_Granularity is invalid response'. Does anyone have experience with this? The API documentation ( ), states that the following values are acceptable: "none, hour, day, week, month, quarter, year."

"Metric_List":[ ],



    "Date_Granularity is invalid."
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You may be missing a comma, it looks like there should be one after rsid instead of after Date_Granularity? – Pondlife Jul 13 '12 at 19:22
Sorry, that was a re-formatting issue from when I was hiding values. Post corrected to match the real code. – tommy_o Jul 26 '12 at 22:17

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Old question, just noticing it now. Data Warehouse did not support the Hour granularity correctly until Jan 2013 (the error you saw was a symptom of this). Then it was corrected for date ranges less then 14 days. In the July 2013 maintenance release of v15 the 14 day limit should be gone. But I have not verified that myself.

As always the more data you request the longer the DW processing will take. So I recommend keeping ranges to a maximum of a month and uncompressed file sizes to under a 1GB, though I hear 2 GB should now be supported.

If you still have issues please let us know.

Thanks C.

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Cheers, thanks. If I remember correctly, the error went away when requesting under certain situations, and the production release scenario was fit those criteria. – tommy_o Dec 2 '13 at 5:02

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