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How can one do multiple css transitions like this Jsfiddle with Compass?

What I am trying to do is basecly write this code below with Compass.

-webkit-transition: top 0.3s ease-out, background .9s .5s ease-out; 
   -moz-transition: top 0.3s ease-out, background .9s .5s ease-out; 
     -o-transition: top 0.3s ease-out, background .9s .5s ease-out; 
        transition: top 0.3s ease-out, background .9s .5s ease-out;
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Is this what you are looking for?

@include transition( top 0.3s ease-out, background .9s .5s ease-out );

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Does this still work for you? I came up with that aswell, but what I get is transition: top 0.3s ease-out background .9s .5s ease-out;. It leaves the comma out! Is this a (known) bug? [Am using compass 0.13.alpha.12] – marczking Dec 30 '13 at 10:20
@marczking not sure if is related. it works for me if I pass in lists: `@include transition((top 0.3s ease-out), (background 0.9s ease-out)); – chemoish Oct 2 at 20:27

From the documentation:

It might have changed over the years but it is now like this:

single-transition($property, $duration, $function, $delay)

Notice the $delay is last, not as in the correct answer where it is before last.

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If you are using a mixin to define you transition and you get this error:

error: mixin transition only takes 1 arguments; given 2

try enclosing your values between parenthesis like:

@include transition( (bottom .5s, background 2s) );
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The question is specific to Compass, which provides a transition mixin that would not generate this error. – cimmanon Jan 9 at 15:21

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