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First, I show my code:

XHTML page:

    <h:form id="ffffffffff">
        <p:inputText value="#{prueba.dato}" >
            <p:ajax event="keyup" process="@this" />


public class Prueba implements Serializable {

    private String dato = "ASSSS";

    public String getDato() {
       return dato;

    public void setDato(String dato) {
        this.dato = dato;

        System.out.println("DAAAAAA: " + dato);

    public void listener() {


public class SnaCarreraConverter extends SelectItemsConverter {

My problem, setDato is always getting a null value. But when I modify the converter to this:


adding forClass resolve my problem, I don't know why this happens. Is The inputText trying to find a Converter without add the converter property?

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First of all, the SelectItemsConverter is for <f:selectItems>. The <p:inputText> is not a <f:selectItems>. So the SelectItemsConverter is useless for the <p:inputText>. See also its documentation and showcase.

Second, it's normal to give the Converter implementation an ID or a "for-class" in order to use it. Otherwise you can't refer it in the <x:inputSomething converter> attribute, or in the <f:converter> tag, or you can't auto-associate it with a certain class. This requirement is totally unrelated to the SelectItemsConverter. It's just required by standard JSF spec.

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