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I have a string in PHP (came from some data source), which represents a formatted unsigned 32-bit integer. I need to store it into a MySQL database as a signed 32-bit integer, so that later I can retrieve it from PHP and use it as a (possibly negative) signed integer constant (since PHP doesn't have unsigned integers).

So, what I need is a conversion method, either for PHP or MySQL. It shouldn't be platform-dependent (no endian / 32/64-bit issues).

I know how to convert a signed integer into unsigned using MySQL:

select CAST((-1062726980 & 0xFFFFFFFF) AS UNSIGNED INTEGER);
|                                           3232240316 | 

But I can't get it work the other way around (note: MySQL uses 64-bit arithmetic when doing casts).


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If you just cast the number to an integer in PHP, it will do the trick.

echo (int)3232240316 . "\n";



Note: if you want to cast a signed int to an unsigned int in PHP, just do this:

$number += 4294967296;


$number = -1062726980;
echo $number . "\n";
$number += 4294967296;
echo $number . "\n";


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Sorry, but that won't work on some 64-bit systems, where PHP int is 64-bit by default. – Alex Jul 18 '09 at 13:35
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$val = (bccomp("2147483647", $val) < 0) ? bcsub($val, "4294967296") : $val;

seems to work, even though it's somewhat slow.

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