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I am an struggling with using a C++ library I have just sucessfully compiled on ubuntu in sbcl.

I have tried to use the .h file parser 'ah2cl' but from the documentation it is not clear if I require UFFI or CFFI (is there a difference?). My attempts to use the dummy test library and the dummy header file provided with 'ah2cl' have failed. I get a message about a missing CALLBACK package from sbcl. But does sbcl not support callback natively ?

Is there another .h file parser that I should use for this kind of task ?

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AH2CL's web page states that: "It produce (at the moment) ffi (foreign function interface) for clisp and for uffi (but callbacks are well tested only with clisp and cmucl)". So in the case of SBCL it's not tested well. Also please take a look at CFFI wrapper generators: SWIG and Verrazano. – ajukraine Jul 14 '12 at 15:28
Ok, will try it with those other two. thanks – soren wilkening Jul 14 '12 at 22:20

You might want to try CFFI's groveller, which parses header files to produce the corresponding CFFI bindings. BTW, UFFI is basically deprecated in favour of CFFI for a while now.

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