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I have the following interfaces:

interface IManufacturing
    IJobApi JobApi {get;}

interface IJobApi
    IList<JobSpec> GetSpecs (string wo, string name);

I have a class which uses IManufacturing and calls GetSpecs() like so:

var specs = _manufacturing.JobApi.GetSpecs (wo, name);

I setup my mocks like:

var jobApi = A.Fake<IJobApi> ();
A.CallTo (() => jobApi.GetSpecs (It.IsAny<string> (), It.IsAny<string> ()))
            .Invokes (() => System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine("GetSpecs called!"))
            .Returns (new List<JobSpec>
                          new JobSpec("blablabla", "0.125", "something")

var manufacturing = A.Fake<IManufacturing> ();
A.CallTo (() => manufacturing.JobAPI)
            .Invokes (() => System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine ("JobAPI called!"))
            .Returns (jobApi);

Upon running the test, I only see the "JobAPI called" string in the output. So, the GetSpecs() does not get mocked and indeed the caller throws because it expected a list of specs whereas it received an empty string...

What could be the culprit here?


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You're gonna laugh, I have!

Turned out that the following line

A.CallTo (() => jobApi.GetSpecs (It.IsAny<string> (), It.IsAny<string> ()))

was not correct for FakeItEasy. It should be written as

A.CallTo (() => jobApi.GetSpecs (A<string>.Ignored, A<string>.Ignored))

So, you may wonder why it did compile and run... Yeah me too. ;)

It.IsAny is for Moq (!)

I had a Using Moq lingering at the top of the class. (I'm in the process of switching to fakeiteasy from moq).

[face palm]


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+1 for honesty. I think people can still learn from things like this. –  Tim Long Dec 27 '12 at 14:55

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