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I need to create a "contest" page where user will be asked to submit picture.

After that, they should be able to share their picture on FB, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, etc for other people to come and vote.

I want the page to be displayed as a jQuery gallery and whenever people select a thumbnail, the bigger picture open with the associated vote and "share" button.

When a user share an image, I want a specific TITLE & URL associated with that particular image... something like "http://www.mysite.com/contest.html#picture1"... or "http://www.mysite.com/contest.html#picture2"

How is this possible if I only have one page?

I wouldn't have problem if I could use the old "facebook.com/sharer.php" with parameters... but it seems that the Open Graph Protocol is "overiding" the sharer.php parameters....

Works fine with Twitter and Pinterest... I might have the same problem with Google+.

Excuse my bad english, thanks!

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Well, set up a (“dummy”) page for each picture, and fill it with the appropriate OG tags … and have your users like that. And then put a JS redirect into that page, so that users following the link when it’s shared on Facebook will get to the “real” address you want them to end up at.

(Btw., IMHO this is what happens too often these days when people think doing everything client-side and client-side only is so “fancy” and that a “good” and “modern” site requires all that AJAX/one-page-only nonsense instead of a real good and working URL structure, and then are not able to handle all that this implies properly …)

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Thanks for your input... I agree with you but for this purpose, I don't want user to go back and forth between the gallery and a specific image page... Our targeted customers are usually older and not so familiar with browsing so I preferred the "one page only" design... Also, isn't looking at a gallery on the same page easier to better compare picture and get a good idea rather than browsing trough URL... Gallery -> Image 1 -> Back to Gallery -> Image 2 -> Back to Gallery -> Image 3, etc... – LTrem Jul 13 '12 at 18:34
I’m not saying you can’t set up a page this way for user comfort – but it should always be set on top of a working site structure. – CBroe Jul 13 '12 at 18:41

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