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After having some issues using OpenSSL and gSOAP, I have been looking into the use of other options for the HTTPS transport mechanism for SOAP requests. Something that caught my eye was QNetworkRequest that I believe is part of Qt. I have never used Qt before but from the research I have done I get the impression that it is geared towards the development of GUI applications. My application is not a GUI, so my question is is it possible for me to access the functionality of QNetworkRequest outside of the Qt development environment ?. Is it possible via linking to an appropriate library and appropriate header file inclusions or must I develop a full blown application inside the Qt IDE in order to access the functionality? If I have to import my project into the Qt IDE then this option is not for me so before I spend weeks reading manuals and web tutorials I would like to see if experienced users of Qt can tell me if what I want is possible or if I need to look elsewhere. Thanks.

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In general GUI frameworks are highly coupled; especially those written in C++.

I'm sure you could decouple QNetworkRequest, but it would probably take a long time to do.

If you use a different library which has the functionality you're after (e.g.: Apache Axis) you'll be much better off.

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This is what I feared. Thanks for the response. – mathematician1975 Jul 13 '12 at 19:28
If you're still interested in going ahead with the decoupling, check the diploma thesis from which the SOAP implementation came from. Chapter 5 shows the dependencies best. Chapter 4 will give an overview of other kits (including gSOAP). – A T Jul 13 '12 at 19:41
Thanks I will take a look but probably will just try to integrate my project into a new Qt application. Hope it is worth it. – mathematician1975 Jul 13 '12 at 19:56

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