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I would like my client web app to be able to backup the indexedDb database. I do not have a webserver

i found this: Exporting and importing IndexedDB data that says: "you can call an export callback passing the privileged array of objects representing a backup of your object store" so i have an array of objects in javascript which is my backup... how can I : 1. turn it to a file? 2. back it up in the cloud?

thank you for your help.

Michael (belgium)

nb: I would love to use dropbox api, i have found this but doesn't know if it works ( will try it and let you know).

nb: Also i am planning to use to deploy app on client's desktop.

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Synchronizing. The API is not designed to take care of synchronizing with a server-side database. You have to write code that synchronizes a client-side indexedDB database with a server-side database.

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